Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tom Yum Thai

Previously I mentioned how I'm in constant search for Thai food satisfaction around the Triangle area. With my quest and my wife's craving for southeast Asian food we found ourselves at Tom Yum Thai for dinner. I've always been curious about Tom Yum Thai. It sits in a plaza across from Galaxy Theater by Cary Towne Center. The plaza itself has always appeared dormant with no appearance of activity in the stores or restaurants. The building looked like a renovated Jersey's Mike or Subway, which for some reason made me hesitant to try the place. But the allure of a Thai restaurant had me curious to try it.

Arriving at the restaurant we were seated and served by someone who I assumed was the owner. He was extremely personable, interested in our Thai food experience and how we found the restaurant. We enjoyed his company as our waiter as he was suggesting dishes and making conversation. The meal began with Kanom Jeeb, which are Thai style dumplings. The dumplings, along with the rest of the food, came out quickly and served hot. The owner, as he did for many of the dishes, was proud to inform us that the dumplings were made in house and not frozen like other restaurants. The dumplings were flavorful and fresh but not the best dumplings in Raleigh (David's Noodle and Dumpling bar comes to mind).

I ordered an entrée of the Thai Spicy Basil stir-fry with chicken. Tom Yum's spiciness scale ranges from mild to hot to Thai hot. Not wanting to be embarrassed by perspiration and watery eyes but still wanting a decent burn I figured hot would be that happy medium. While I could see how it would be an acceptable amount of heat for normal palate, I was left craving for a little more hurt. I enjoyed the dish, just nothing overwhelmingly unique about the dish. A nice satisfying stir-fry.

The true show stopper was the Duck Basil. Sara and I are both duck fans and we typically gravitate towards duck dishes at any restaurant we visit. This dish came highly touted from the owner and it certainly didn't disappoint. The owner, beaming with pride, described the painstaking process of how the duck is cooked. Raw, boiled, cleaned, filleted, coated and fried. When you bit into the bird you got the delightful crunch then an engulfing taste of garlic and spice. I will came back to Tom Yum just to have this dish again.

Sara found the pyramid of rice very cute.

So in the end was my quest for Thai food quenched? Well, as the owner put it to us as we were departing, "Now you know where there is good Thai food in North Carolina."

Tom Yum Thai
685 Cary Towne Boulevard, Cary, NC 27511

(919) 463-5523

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The selections are very fresh and beautifully presented. The lunch specials are very budget friendly!