Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Boss Brewery - "Who's Your Paddy?"

Big Boss Bad Penny conditioned with cocoa from Nahaulli's Trading Co.

I believe that Big Boss Beer is synonymous with the our beloved city of Raleigh. As I list my favorite things about this city (location, people, food) Big Boss's brown ale Bad Penny is high on the list. Unaware of beer distribution laws, I desperately attempted to have Big Boss at my wedding in Massachusetts, only to have my hopes dashed. The first time I ventured off to the Taproom was with my good friend Chad. We steered off of Capital Blvd. and in the middle of factories and industrial buildings we find ourselves at the happy center of Raleigh's beerverse.

With St. Patrick's Day approaching and Sara's family in town, I was in search of an adequate place to celebrate. Through their Twitter, Big Boss announced their "Who's Your Paddy?" event. Beer, food trucks, and music. It was clear that we would be attending.

OnlyBurger serving the masses

Being a frequent watcher of Food Network since I was 15, (I can attest to the evolution of the channel from being just cooking shows to now TV shows related, sometimes loosely to food), I've been aware of the food truck phenomenon for a while. The first real food truck I heard about in the Triangle was OnlyBurger. My mouth watered reading their site that described daily ground meat and how they toasted their buns. I was anxious to satisfy my carnivorous cravings only to be left wanting as the truck wasn't running at the time I found the site. Finally when I got the update that they were back on the road I recruited a co-worker and tracked them down. The burger was juicy and flavorful. The bacon was perfectly crispy and the bun had that nice crunch from the butter toasting. One thing that I don't think gets mentioned while discussing OnlyBurger is their fries. They are crispy, seasoned perfectly and OnlyBurger does not skimp on the serving.

OnlyBurger burger and fries. Not our prettiest photo.

As Sara and I stood in the OnlyBurger line, I scoped the area for the next food truck to visit. Immediately the words "Duckfat Tater Tots" grabbed my attention. I wandered over to Ko Kyu BBQ's truck and waited in line. And waited. And waited. Before I even ordered Sara had purchased our OnlyBurger burger and we both ate it. Once I reached the end of the line, I ordered the tots and a short rib quesadilla. After what felt like another aeonian length of time we received our food. The duck fat tots were extremely crispy, complimented by the hot sauce served at the truck. Sara noted she didn't find any difference with them being fried in duck fat. The short rib inside the quesadilla contrasted nicely with the blue cheese inside, but it was not the simplest or cleanest dish to eat standing up. While in line I started to have a conversation with the group in front of me. After we got our food and had a taste, one of them wanted me to make sure I mentioned that the BBQ slider was disappointing, especially considering the wait. The rest of my time there was spent talking to Jan from the Carolina Ballet. So over food from a truck and microbrewery beer we listened to her insight on the arts and the state of ballet in Raleigh. Quite insightful and something adolescent Elliot would never imaged he'd do.

Then again, he didn't think he'd be in North Carolina, eating anything other than chicken fingers and drinking mircrobrews.

Duck fat tater tots and short rib quesadillas - Ko Kyu BBQ

Big Boss Brewing Company
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