Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marmalade Skies Frozen Yogurt

When I used to think about frozen yogurt, my mind immediately went to images of TCBY or Seinfeld, "it's non-fat!" That was until I went to visit my friend Casey at Yale. Walking the streets of New Haven, my friend informed me and Sara of a restaurant that not only serves yogurt but allows you to control the amount and toppings. We were enthralled with the idea and gleefully slam down the yogurt dispenser's lever. Piling on the toppings I jokingly said to Casey, "Mine is going to be like 6 dollars," thinking it would be a ridiculous amount of yogurt. The cup ended up to be $6.75.

When we returned to Raleigh I searched the interwebs to find a place that replicated the concept, thus leading me to Marmalade Skies. Tucked away in a little nook off of Walnut St., once you open the doors you are welcomed with a soundtrack of acoustic, alternative, and 90's rock. Nostalgic for me, confusing for Sara who never listened/heard of Pearl Jam or Dave Matthews Band's Under the Table and Dreaming. The workers wear tie-dye and the walls are full of bright colors.

You start at the back of the space with the cups and yogurt dispensers. Marmalade Skies has 8 flavors daily. Besides the main stays of tart, vanilla, and chocolate, the others are rotating featuring flavors such as cookies & cream, cake batter, red velvet cake. I typically enjoy going with vanilla as the canvas for my concoction.

Fruit, wet, and candy toppings

Dry toppings

I've learned after multiple trips to Marmalade Skies that one shouldn't overload on the yogurt. While the yogurt is tasty, the real star of the show is the toppings. This particular trip, me and Sara split a cup, so I allowed the Mrs. to decide the toppings.

Final product

The final product was cake batter yogurt, topped with pound cake, Reese's cups, sprinkles and Sour Patch Kids... but I eat those separately.

the result

....."See, how could this not have any fat? It's too good!"

Marmalade Skies Frozen Yogurt
280 Meeting St. Cary, NC 27518
(919) 859-7373

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Anonymous said...

They also have doggie froyo at Marmalade Skies - for $1 your four-legged friend gets a good helping of peanut butter froyo complete with a doggie treat on top! Max LOVES Marm. Skies (and so do we)!

Thoroughly enjoying your Blog!

Elliot said...

Thanks for reading Sam!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I just went there yesterday and the frozen yogurt was AWESOME! I had a small cup so I could leave room for a smoothie, which they're now selling! If you haven't tried the smoothies yet, you've got to. You pick two mix-ins (I picked raspberries and cheesecake) and they blend it all up with the vanilla froyo base, water, and ice. It was, to put it simply, "to die for." You can also add extra topping mix-ins or various boosters (like protein or multi-vitamin) for only 50 cents each. The place was great and clean, the employees were nice, and the product was superb!