Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boylan Bridge Brewpub

If I chose my favorite restaurant based purely on outdoor dining and views, the Boylan Bridge Brewpub would be the winner. Perched on Boylan St. surveying Raleigh's cityscape, Boylan Bridge serves homemade beer and unique casual dishes along with a fantastic view.

The wait for the opening of Boylan Bridge felt like reading through Homer's epic poetry. The project inched itself into fruition as individuals like myself would drive by the space wondering just what the heck was taking so long, only to have concept menus and layouts to curb my anticipation. After years of waiting, Boylan Bridge finally opened its doors in 2009.

Boylan Bridge was a disappointment the first time I visited. The service was slow, the menu was unappealing, and the food was barely mediocre. Since that first visit, Boylan Bridge has redirected itself under a new general manager and debuted a new menu.

Endless Summer Ale
Typically I'm the kind of guy who enjoys a darker pint but with the Carolina heat beating down on us, I settled with something lighter. The Endless Summer Ale had a good flavor, refreshing taste, and great drinkability.

Boylan Bridge Nachos
My friends will tell you that my nacho mantra is this: Raleigh Times' pork BBQ nachos are not only my favorite nachos, but one of my favorite dishes in Raleigh, period. That being said, Boylan's nachos are definitely towards the top of a crowded nachos list. The beer cheese sauce truly shines in the dish. The caramelized onions are another feature that helps these nachos stand out above the rest.

Asian sesame chicken wrap with fries
Plating isn't always a concern of mine but I really dig the planks that Boylan Bridge serves their dishes on. What's on top of the planks isn't bad either. Searching for something on the lighter side, I decided to have the Asian sesame chicken wrap. Typically with a chicken wrap I prepare myself for dry chicken, yet to my surprise this chicken was moist. I enjoyed the sesame dressing as well, though something tells me it's not homemade. I really enjoy Boylan Bridge's fries: properly seasoned and nicely crisp. They make me wish Boylan made a cheese fries appetizer. The combination of the beer sauce and fries would result in full foodgasm face.

BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) with house salad
Sara decided to go with the BLTA even though one of her favorite dishes, chicken pot pie, tried to sway her. The bread on the sandwich was advertised as Texas Toast, which in my mind makes me think of double thick toast slathered in butter and toasted to a golden brown. But instead the toast was a meager size and slightly toasted. Not necessarily a disappointment, as the bread wasn't bad. Once again, I have a personal grievance with the bacon. The flavor was there, but the crispiness was non-existent. The lettuce had a good crunch to it and the avocado (always a temptation for Sara) added a nice creaminess and flavor. Also, oven roasting the tomato was a nice touch.

Norton loves the water at Boylan.
It's worth mentioning that Boylan Bridge is extremely pet friendly, or at least dog friendly. I don't know the reception would be if you ride your pet komodo dragon to the Brewpub. But once we were seated, Norton was immediately given a water bowl and along with many compliments. We visited again recently and the wait staff treated Norton like another guest.

Boylan Bridge Brewpub
201 South Boylan Avenue Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 803-8927

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  1. We used to love going to this place right after we had a kid. Great place to sit outside and have a beer at sunset!