Monday, July 4, 2011

bu•ku - Brunch Buffet

"Why can't two (single) bros go out and rock brunch Sunday morning style?"

The birthday of my former roommate and long time, source-of-memorable-moments, source-of-forgotten-moments, abuser of offensive language, and friend, Ryan, was a couple of weeks ago. Due to traveling and our typical tendency to put things off for Future Ryan and Future Elliot to deal with, I wasn't able to give Ryan his present until much later. Ryan learned just recently that bu•ku does brunch and was especially gitty to try it. I figured that it would be a great present for a traditionally hard person to shop for.

Plate number one. I was feeling pretty hungry so I grab the first thing I see (other than a plate), which was a savory scone. I honestly have forgotten what was in the scone. Next was a sticky cinnamon bun topped with crumbled bacon. The sugar gave the pastry a nice coating that offered a yummy crisp but also a chew once you bit in. The bacon settled the sugar taking over your whole palate. The buffet had an impressive array of opinions for its made-to-order omelets. Ryan had crab in his. I remember seeing salmon as a choice. I settled for a sausage, spinach, monterey jack, and onion omelet.

The omelet process could have gone smoother as the cook confused our omelet order while plating, and even disagreed with us as we tried to correct him. I also wish he allowed the onions to saute a little longer as they were pretty raw and there were too many. Following the line of the buffet, the attendant individually opened each warming station when we needed to make a selection. I hope that's a little bit comforting to those who view buffets as petri dishes of germs. He informed us that the sausage was made with mango salsa. It was a great piece of sausage and lighter than I expected as well. And of course I had more bacon, cooked to a nice crispiness.

Plate number two. I am still feeling like there is room in the belly and am excited to try the buffet's egg dish. At first I thought it was typical eggs Benedict but it turned out to be a poached egg over roasted pork on top of a flatbread. I enjoyed it but I wished there was a sauce to tie all the flavors together. The breakfast burrito was better than average while the dusted potatoes were also very standard. Maybe it was that my stomach was starting to expand at that point but the croissant was disappointing-- dense and not flaky, more like a dinner roll.

At this point I am full. I could have easily ended my dining experience there. But I was determine to have dessert. Walking up to the line of the buffet, I started to think that I've missed two important stations: waffles and carving. Surveying the meat at the carving station, I was asked if I would like a piece. I responded with "I don't know if should eat more..." "You're at a buffet, you should go for it," the carver said with conviction, which lead me to plate number three.

Among the choices of white chocolate chips, bananas, and sauces at the waffle station there was also the hazelnut goodness of Nutella. I smeared the spread on the fresh waffle and plopped a spoon full of the whipped cream. I greatly enjoyed the waffle but it was more of a canvas for the Nutella than anything else. At the carving station I picked up a piece of ham and roast beef. The roast beef was juicy and tasted great. In my stuffed state I couldn't appreciate the ham.

I was still determined to have dessert even though by then I was well beyond my limit. Ryan raved about the chocolate square treats. In that little square was a smooth chocolate and a toffee-like crunch and chew. The cookie was a very good maple pecan cookie. The meal concluded with a spicy chocolate that was well worth the additional misery my stomach felt.

Ryan and I left with bellies full of indigestion and brunch goodness. On the way out we murmured to each other empty vows to never eat that much again.

110 East Davie Street Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 834-6963

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Ben said...

Good write-up. I didn't know they did a buffet at brunch. How much does it cost?

Elliot said...

Its 19.95 I believe.