Monday, July 25, 2011


Fresh kielbasa sauerkraut and spicy mustard
When I've had discussions about the best meals in Raleigh, whether it be in person or online, J.Betski's would inevitability come up. Sitting quietly next to Peace College William Peace University, J.Betski's constantly delivers quality Polish/German dishes, continually adding to its stellar reputation.

When Sara and I first visited J.Betski's on a packed Friday night, a long wait for a table (our fault for not making reservations) and constant phone calls from work made for a stressful dining experience. Yet despite the constant distractions we still were treated to a wonderful meal. Sara was anxious to go back and satisfy her Polish heritage.

Sara is a huge fan of kielbasa, but unfortunately for us our kielbasa typically comes from Hillshire Farms. It didn't take away any of our enjoyment of eating kielbasa, but we still didn't know what it was like to taste a fresh, handmade kielbasa. Being too hungry for manners, I quickly sliced a piece of the sausage as Sara was still getting situated. The casting had a wonderful bite to it and played well with the graininess of the spicy mustard. The flavors popped with each chew, and wonderful seasonings finished with the flavor of the spicy mustard.
Duck breast, potato pancakes, orange slices and blackberry sauce
After some indecision Sara choose to go with her favorite poultry, duck. Cooked perfectly to medium rare, the duck breast had the spices that made the meat pastrami-like in taste. The potato pancakes had an excellent crust and a soft, pillow inside with the perfect savory seasonings. The sweet and tart citrus along with the salad provided a great freshness and balance to the dish. Sara raved about the dish until she wiped her plate clean with a last precious peace of potato pancake.

Pork schnitzel, Austrian Potato and dill cucumber salads, lingonberries
I went with a more traditional dish. Though I was a bit apprehensive because the dill cucumber salad didn't excite me, I ordered the pork schnitzel. To my delight and surprise the cucumber salad was delicious and light. The pork schnitzel itself was fried perfectly. The flavors from the lemon and lingonberries took the pork to amazing heights of flavors. 

Local peach and cheese strudel
We had discussed about going to 18 Seaboard for dessert because of the great things we heard about their pastry chef, but after having such a fantastic meal already, we decided to stick with J. Betski's for dessert. As an award for our loyalty we were treated to a local peach and cheese strudel, a crispy pastry enveloping a wonderful filling of sweet peaches. A lovely capstone for a great dining experience.

10 West Franklin Street, Raleigh, NC 27604-8011  
(919) 833-7999

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Amy said...

This is one of my favorite Raleigh spots - last time I was there I ordered their summer schnitzel and it was fantastic!

Ben said...

Looks really good, I've been meaning to try it for quite a while.

Mandy said...

This is one of our favorites too! The perogies are awesome, I'd love to go for lunch and just eat a bunch of these.