Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is one of those places that I don't even want to blog about in fear that giving it more exposer will disrupt the restaurant's dynamic. Its legend is much like Fight Club-- the first rule is that you do not talk about it.

Crab, Seaweed Salad Over Rice

One of the main attractions of this unassuming sushi spot is the likeliness of a free appetizer. And they aren't tiny bite size amuse-bouche. Given what the menu price of the appetizers might be, these are nicely sized dishes for free.

The first plate that came to our table was a crab and seaweed salad served over heart-shaped rice. Tossed with sesame oil, the salad was soaked with flavor, especially after dragging it through the sauces brushed on the plate.

Crab in a shell

With the restaurant quiet as we were the only patrons dining at the time, we received an additional complimentary treat. The second free treat was a crab mix served hot and bubbling in a seashell. Warm, crabby, creamy, and inviting, the dish is one of the highlights of Little Tokyo.

Miso Soup

All dinner plates come with a serving of soup and salad. Both are nothing extraordinary, just a bowl full of umami.

Sashimi Dinner

Lately when Sara and I have been going out for sushi, we've found ourselves at Buy One Get One sushi rolls restaurants. But this night the thought of fillers like tempura flakes, spicy mayo, and avocados didn't interest me. I just wanted fresh fish and for some reason I don't trust the BOGO places with serving quality sashimi.

Little Tokyo didn't disappoint me with their selection of fresh fish. No odd odors or strange textures. Just wonderfully fresh fish. The salmon was especially buttery. Together with the salad and soup plus two complimentary appetizers my appetite was surprisingly satisfied.

Philly Roll

Sara recently has been in a sushi frenzy. Whether from a grocery store or a fast food joint, if the place had sushi, Sara was going to order it. But after a mediocre sushi run at the Harris Teeter, she hoped for something with more quality.

Boston Roll

Sara ordered a Boston and a Philly roll. The Philly roll was packed with a good amount of avocado, salmon and cream cheese and hit all the high notes in regards to texture. The Boston roll, however, left more to be desired as it came with an abundance of lettuce, more than Sara had expected. Both rolls together equalled the same price as those trendy BOGO restaurants.

Hopefully this entry doesn't change Little Tokyo, with its friendly service, quiet space, and free appetizers. But in case the little sushi place in the middle of Cary does start to blow up, just know... I knew about Little Tokyo before it was cool.

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Jill said...

YUM! We might need to trek over to Cary just to try this place sometime!

Elliot said...

I really enjoy Little Tokyo, so I hope you have the same experience that I do there!