Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Ed's City Market Restaurant

"Big Ed's is what Cracker Barrel wishes it could be"-- that's how my friend Hugh Hollowell likes to describe the Southern food haven located amont the cobblestone streets of City Market.  With antique farming equipment cluttering the walls and servers who refer to guest as "sweetie" or "honey," Big Ed's embodies the idea of Southern charm.

Our friend Abe crushing the Big Ed's
pancake challenge

When friends visit from out of town, Big Ed's is my introduction to the classic South. Hospitality, giant pancake eating challenges, and foreign pork product are a proper introduction. I mean, where else will my New England in-laws get to experience the glory of fatback?

Fried Bologna

Sara's bologna has a first name and its f-r-i-e-d. There are few culinary phenomenons that make Sara as giddy as a thick piece of fried bologna.

A Southern dream team of processed meat, grease, and charred edges, this cut of bologna comes out crispy, salty, and unapologetically artillery clogging, which feels like the mission statement of Big Ed's.

Carolina Packers Smoked Sausage

Lost in the discussion about Big Ed's is its selection of locally sourced pork and produce. The veggies are fresh from the Farmer's Market while much of the pork comes from nearby Nahunta or Smithfield's Carolina Packers. I went with the smoked sausage which came out wonderfully red and charred. Complimented by eggs and a buttery biscuit, it defines a good country breakfast.

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