Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Videri Tasting Party - Confections

When you become a food blogger you get invited to awesome, fancy, private tasting parties all the time... right? Wrong. Typically you are updating your social media feeds in hopes of winning a contest, which is how I was able to snag a seat at Videri's tasting party from Facebook for their newly released confections.

I visited the Videri Chocolate Factory when they first opened their doors and was impressed by its space, feel and most importantly, the chocolate. Still, I craved more-- Videri's lounge was underutilized and only offered a line of chocolate bars. Fast forward eight months to Videri launching a line of chocolate confections.

After a short presentation from the crew and an introduction to each new confection from the new confectioner, Helen, we finally got a chance to taste.

When we first started the tasting party and got to view the treats, I automatically assumed that the Bee's Knees would be my favorite of the bunch. But it's funny thing when you assume... the Bee's Knees features a liquid center of a cajeta caramel, a caramel from slowly cooked milk rather than melted sugar. Once you bite into the dome shaped chocolate a stream of oozing cameral flows from the inside. Hints of honey pair with the stream of caramel, making it unique from other caramel chocolates.

The other caramel treat was the Venus De Milo. Simply stated, this is my favorite chocolate treat I've had all year. It's a perfect bite of chewy and gooey caramel. The seemingly simple pair of sweet and salty are brought to new depths inside of this piece of chocolate. After "forcing" myself to try the other confections, I returned to gorge myself with these squares of chocolate heaven.

Teaming up with Videri's typical cast of chocolate character will be its seasonal/rotating truffle. The first one to debut is the Chai Tiger. As the name suggests, the Chai Tiger was made with specially selected chai tea. Hints of spices accompanied this truffle but overall, a bit underwhelming from what I was hoping for as I didn't detect much chai.

When we were introduced the Mamasita, I started to imagine Sofia Vergara as a chocolate bar. But no, it is the Videri version of a spicy chocolate. For me the confection offered little heat and could've used a bottle of sriracha.

The final stop on my tasty journey was the Turkish Coffee truffle. Strong, bold, and powerful, Turkish coffee delivers a heck of a punch and this towering piece of chocolate is no different. Biting into this truffle is like sinking your teeth into a coffee-filled grenade. Personally, I found it abrasive, but then again I'm not a coffee freak.

Videri's expansion doesn't stop with their new confections. Getting a couple minutes to chat with Co-CEO Starr Sink, she informed me that Videri hopes to open a coffee bar sometime after Valentine's Day. With a wide smile and exuding hospitality, Videri were gracious hosts, which speaks just as much as their delicious chocolate and exciting new confections.

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