Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beasley's Chicken + Honey

Of all the restaurants in Ashley Christensen's empire, Beasley's is the most controversial. In the South there aren't a lack of choices in fried chicken. Whether it be a classic or a chain-- heck even the grocery stores are claiming to serve the best fried chicken.

So when Beasley's opened its doors, as expected there were some mixed reviews. It seemed that for every dozen people that loved the restaurant, another six hated it. For every "best chicken and waffles I ever had" there was someone who countered with "as bad as chicken can get."

Beasley's Honey White

It took us a long time to finally dine at Beasley's. Like an embarrassingly long time. Each time we passed the corner of Wilmington and Blount, it seemed like there was a line of mustaches, skinny jeans, and plaid lining outside the door like it was an Apple release. But finally on a peaceful Saturday afternoon, we were able to grab a table at Beasley's.

In collaboration with Durham's Fullsteam brewery Beasley's features a honey white on tap. Brewed with NC honey and oats, the beer was very light and summery, which pairs nicely with fried goodness.

Quarter Fried Chicken

When someone names their restaurant after a particular dish, that dish needs to be damn good.
And the dish is damn good.

Beasley's fried chicken is a lesson in elevating a redundant and humdrum dish to something extraordinary. The way Marshall Eriksen felt about his favorite burger in NYC is how I feel about Beasley's fried chicken. My Beasley's experiences plays out like an Oscar winning movie, complete with depth, climaxes, and twists. The cracks and crunch from the breading as you bite, the juices that pours out of the plump bird, and as you delight in the savory poultry, drops of honey sweeten the bite.


Biscuits are another good way to get into a heated debate down here. Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to their delivery of buttery carb goodness. Beasley's has an interesting take-- a stiffer biscuit, but still fluffy and buttery on the inside. Of course they are covered with Beasley's honey, which makes mostly anything taste good.

Creamed Collard Greens

Sara and I were split over the creamed collard greens. I found the creaminess pleasant while Sara didn't enjoy that texture accompanying her collards.

The Reunion and Pimento Mac & Cheese

Much like most AC establishments, Beasley's serves a mean brunch. The Reunion is a biscuit stuffed with fried chicken, a fried egg, cheese, and hot sauce. It's like a Time Out chicken biscuit that doesn't require inebriation to enjoy.

The pimento mac and cheese custard is a fun marriage of two southern icons. Not the typical oozy and creamy mac and cheese, Beasley's mac & cheese pudding is very firm and packed with great pimento flavor.

In this chicken fried city, Beasley's fries up the best.

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Elisha said...

Great post! I can't wait to try it!

Ben said...

I like Beasley's a lot, and I love the chicken & waffles. I need to go try brunch there some time.

Elliot said...

Thanks for the kind words Elisha. Definitely try Beasley's out.

Ben, I think I've gone to brunch there more times than actual dinner. lol

Laura Dallas said...

Just tried it last Saturday night. Was really looking forward to it and ended up being disappointed. Upscale Southern food is no Southern food at all. Had the chicken biscuit but would prefer Bojangles any day. Creamed collards were ok. Staff was highly unfriendly. And how are you supposed to read the menu on the wall when you're sitting in the corner? BUT the grit cakes were definitely the highlight. May return just for them.

Elliot said...

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience Laura. Definitely can understand your grievances. Are the grit cakes the same as the grit fries? Because those were actually one of my least favorite things on the menu, goes to show you how subjective taste buds are!