Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bring Me That - Capital Creations

Still missing from Raleigh's booming restaurant scene is quality delivery food. While services like Raleigh Takeout, 919 Dine, and even Raleigh Munchies are able to handle some of the demand, it's still difficult to get good food on your doorstep, especially for those who live in the 27610.

The people at BringMeThat have been making the rounds to the local blogger community in hopes of getting their name out to the Triangle. Not one to pass on a free meal, I accepted their offer in exchange for my thoughts on their service.

When first logging into the site I was delighted to see a clean and cool design. Some of the other delivery service websites look like they were designed by middle school computer classes.

The site is pretty easy to navigate through and for true introverts, BringMeThat does not require first time customers to call for confirmation.

The only true glitch in the system would be tipping. Within the BringMeThat site, there is no section to put in a tip. Only after you receive a confirmation email does the system mention "additional tip added from the credit card will be charged to your credit card with a 10% mark up." Not only is the tipping system frustrating, but it shorted our delivery person because we couldn't create cash out of thin air upon reading the confirmation email.

The delivery time was as promised, clocking in at around 40 minutes. Everything was well packaged and still warm. The pizza boxes hadn't mushed the cheese and the salad wasn't wilted. Unfortunately, they did forget our salad dressing, half the reason Sara ordered a particular salad.

Spinach Salad

Despite the missing dressing, the salad was still tasty. Crispy fresh spinach, juicy tomatoes, and tons of bacon made the spinach salad a fun experience, even if the goat cheese would clump up onto one side of the box and be impossible to spread.


Before Capital Creations' Wintergarden pizza, I don't remember the last time I had a cornmeal crust. Since having the Aristocrat at Lilly's, I've become a fan of potatoes on pizza. Heck, even mashed potatoes on pizza. But with all its veggies and potatoes, the Wintergarden lacked flavor and seasoning.

Pesky Chicken

Sara knew better than to trust her appetite to mere carbs, cheese, and veggies. She went with the Pesky Chicken pizza. Definitely tastier than its vegetarian alternative, packing tons of garlic with the pesto and saltiness from the bacon. The crust was mediocre, making as much of an impression as CJ Leslie in important games.

Raleigh will continue to grow, and with it many more homebodies and couch potatoes will be in search of great food at the convenience of Bring Me That.

Bring Me That

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